How to Reduce Your Phone’s Monthly Bill? 10 Best Expert Tips For You!

Cell phone bills can be costly, increasing equally to the monthly cost of powering or fueling your car. Your mobile phone can, of course, help you build your credits, but only if you don’t get a bill too large for a month.

How to Reduce Your Phone’s Monthly Bill? 10 Best Expert Tips For You!

If you’re unpleasantly not on your computer, you should know that you can slash your bill by texting, sending an email, and looking at YouTube cat videos. So in this article, you will get ten methods from experts who are available here and will make your monthly bill lower than ever.


  1. If Applicable, Use Wi-Fi

Enable Wi-Fi to save the use of data wherever you go. It is possible to send not only messages but also audio and video calls over Wi-Fi through popular apps like FaceTime, and WhatsApp. Wireless broadband also makes the Telecom Provider much more accessible than subscribing to a cloud service. But, you still need an active internet connection on your phone if you are always connected.


  1. Choose The Right Plan Which Suits You

The worst thing you can do with your mobile budget is to get interested in a scheme you do not like. This works two ways–you don’t want to pay for services that you don’t use, and you don’t want to get too much in the hook, either. Pay attention and analyse how you use your mobile. Track the use of minutes and data to find a schedule that suits your preferences. Perhaps it makes sense to have a family share scheme. And, by converting to a downgraded package, you can save some money.


  1. Limit Your Background Data Usage

A staggering amount of data may get used in emails and other apps that run silently in the background. Disable this use of data in the configuration menu and become habituated to check email on Wi-Fi only. When looking at context information used by individual apps, you can even become more advanced and turn this off for the ones you do not need. When you’re out and about, even if your phones don’t use 4G / LTE coverage, it can still be used in the background!

Go to your settings and check each application’s mobile data usage and background refresh, and delete those which you don’t use. Having a swift turnaround means you know that they’re not in background use anymore.


  1. Always Use Family Plans

It’s an excellent way to save money by paying for a family plan. You may want to see if your wireless carrier provides family plans if you need more than one phone line on your network. Family plans offer cuts to the average cost of each line for additional telephone lines. You could even split the costs with a friend or family member. This only happens if you have a single network provider for all your family members.


  1. Search For Discounts

You can choose reduced packages. Instead, during the holiday season, you can select Internet plans that offer discounts or special rates for holidays. Most big businesses have alliances in the private sector, encouraging their staff to get subsidized networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile for affordable wireless services. You should go for a Wireless link that is easier and then connect to Wi-Fi if your Internet provider provides you wireless connections.


  1. Consider pre-paid Connections

Prepaid internet schemes are best made because you always know how much you can use them. If you choose a 5 GB system, you’re confident you’ve got 5 GB. The same applies to 10 GB or the amount of data you want. It limits access. Save it absolutely because you aim to follow a telecommunications schedule. Pay for what you use with the prepayment. But, just like a lease, make sure that you understand what you are paying for and the cost of your use.


  1. Keep Your Phone For Longer Use

Apart from the tenting of updating any time new models are released, high-quality cell phones from Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers will easily last for a few years.

Do not jump into a contract for a new device if your handset works excellently, and you are satisfied with it. So keep your cellular bill free from the risk of increasing  further due to a new phone. You would pay for a new phone (yes, that’s debt) while your phone charge increases further. No, thanks! You can save a lot of amount by keeping your old (perfectly fine) handset in the long run.


  1. Cut Out the Stuff You Don’t Use

Look at your bill every month. This may sound like common sense, but you would be shocked to see how many people are not seeing their mobile bill drop. Don’t keep paying for things you never use like minutes too long, unrestricted details, roadside emergency assistance, 411, and an ‘enhanced voicemail.’ If you’re not talking a lot on your mobile phone, if you never reach the limit, you might be able to switch to a package with fewer minutes or fewer details. Several providers also sell discounted plans or only charge what you use.


  1. Consider Alternative Carriers

Now, whatever else you’ve got. The best (and most drastic) thing we have saved for the last moment: time to change your service provider! Look around and figure out who can give you the price you need for your budget. In one of the more prominent, less-known providers, you would probably find a better deal. Most of them have a link to the “big guys” and use their radio towers to signal their phones. You will still have a very high level of coverage, however, a fraction of the cost. Most non-basic networks share cell towers with major carriers, which means that the areas of operation and call quality are similar, only at a lower price. And if the goal is to preserve data use only, make sure that you are researching. Ask about it. Read the review. Don’t sign up for a ridiculous provider.


  1. Pass On The Insurance

Some of us purchase a phone insurance. After all, it can be a little blessing to repair when you drop it. You opt for an insurance premium for your phone. Instead, place this amount in your savings account every month.  If you break your phone, you can repair it for less than what you pay for your carrier’s insurance. When you find that you need cell phone protection, pause and think once: have I bought a handset that I couldn’t afford? If you have no amount to replace your phone, if something happens and if your phone is too expensive.


Final Thoughts

It is not only a privilege, and it is a requirement to have a cellphone now. You must always be able to keep up with your family and friends in different directions. And you must keep it all day long if you use your phone for work. You don’t have to give your cell phone away, but you can quickly reach your financial goals by finding ways to lower the bill. You will retain the value and independence it promises with just a handful of painless improvements to your schedule, thus bringing you closer to your objectives. Reducing your wireless bill is only one of the other items you can do to keep your spending in check.

Tellsubway survey Online

Tellsubway surveyConnecticut Subway is the first store in Bridgeport which has a huge growth with more than 44000 sandwich stores across the world. It is among the famous food chains dealing in fast and nutritious food items. Subways store make sure about the cleanliness at their store and also hold the social responsibility towards the society and its costumers.

Tellsubway is a survey conducted by the subway in order to know the real feedback of the customer and their experience on the store. In return of giving the feedback and participate in survey, the customers are provided with a free cookie for their support and cooperation.

Secret survey hack:

You will be glad to know that you can participate in this survey many times. Just remember to save the receipt for the code require entering in survey homepage.

Rules and eligibility for the subway survey:

  • Minimum age required to participate is 18 years.
  • Take the survey within 30 days of obtaining the receipt.
  • Must make a purchase at subway store and get the receipt code.
  • Make sure you have a good internet access.
  • You must know either English or Spanish to answer the questions.
  • One survey and one prize associate with it.
  • Terms and conditions of the survey.
  • Little bit knowledge regarding subway store.

So these are the above points which should be considered properly before taking the survey. If you are unable to meet any of the above requirements, then you can’t participate in subway survey.

How to enter into Tellsubway survey:

Subway survey requires some important steps to be followed for its successful completion. It will enable the store to render their services in a better way so that customer can have a memorable experience in the store. The process will not take more than five minutes with active internet availability. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit to the subway store and make any purchase from it.
  2. Save your receipt for future reference in the survey.
  3. Go to the official website within 30 days of obtaining receipt from the store.
  4. If you do not belong to the US country, then feel free to take survey using the Finland site, Malaysia site, or the UK site.
  5. In the survey homepage box, enter the restaurant number code on the upper right corner of your receipt.
  6. Now start survey which only requires a minute to complete.
  7. Once the survey is compete save it and write down the survey code.
  8. Take your survey code whenever you visit next time to subway store and get your free cookie.

It must also be kept in mind that your feedback should be highly confidential, voluntary and useful. You will be solely responsible for whatever content you are going too share and it should be lawful. You cannot write anything unethically that can violate the right of any person associated with it.

Tellsubway free cookie:

The process of taking the survey is very easy. Questions will be regarding the friendliness of staff, quality of food, and cleanliness of the store. Being a customer you should be very honest in replying those questions as it will help you to get better services in future. The subway will use this survey in improving their overall management and quality.

When the process of survey will get completed you’ll be asking for your email Id to send the coupon code. Now whenever you visit the subway store again you can ask the cashier to redeem your coupon and earn a free cookie as a reward. You cannot use this code in exchange for cash prize.

Contact the Tellsubway:

Contact no- 1-888-445-9239


Address: 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami, Florida 33156.


So if you liked the subway experience of having a delicious meal with healthy topping, then go to the online survey page and review about the store honestly. Also, don’t forget to grab a cookie of your choice. Go for it.


Take Part In The Indigo Feedback Survey To Win $500

Indigo is the largest retail book store chain in Canada, established in 1996. The first store was opened in Burlington in 1997 in Ontario. It is known as Indigo Books Music. Though it was a simple store, it had the collection of a true emporium.

The shop has aimed to create experiences and tell stories and it still tries to complement the lives of its customers with lifestyle products, eBooks, books, gifts and toys at their 24/7 store as well as online services.

As the competition is growing, to secure a place in the market, customer satisfaction is a key ingredient. Client feedback will help the company strategize the business choices so that they can meet customers’ interests. So the best way to achieve client’s satisfaction is to conduct a survey. The purpose of the Indigo feedback survey is to directly connect the company with the clients. The feedback helps the management to determine the areas on which improvement is required to retain the clients. It also shows that Indigo is making effort to keep its long-term client and make them happy.

How To Take The Indigo Feedback Survey?

There are a few criteria which you need to fulfil to participate in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey.

1. You cannot take part in the survey if you do not have a computer or mobile with an internet connection.

2. You need to have a valid receipt that proves you have been to Indigo store along with a survey invitation.

3. You must be able to understand English and French.

4. They will check if you are a legal resident of Canada and above 18 years. If you fall under the mentioned criteria, you are eligible to win $500 Indigo gift card.

There are a few instructions given below which you need to carefully understand before taking up the survey.

1. Go to this given address.

2. Next, you need to choose the language you are comfortable with and click on the Next button.

3. Next, it will ask you to mention if you have made any purchase or ordered online.

4. You need to give every detail of the purchase like date of the purchase and time of the purchase. But that is not it, you will be asked to put in other information like store number and terminal number and the transaction number. You will find all this information from your Indigo receipt.

5. Mention your age in the space provided and then type the characters you see in the box and click the Submit button.

6. There will be a list of survey questions which need you to remember the experience you had in the latest visit to Indigo shop and answer accordingly.

7. When you are answering the questions be as honest and thorough as possible.

8. If you are looking to be a part of the contest, you need to provide your personal information like name, phone number, email address and residential address. If you are the lucky winner they will contact you and inform you.

9. Then you can submit your survey.

Take Official Sobeys® Survey ― Win $1,000

Sobeys is situated in Canada and it has come up with a new survey contest. So next time you go shopping at Sobeys don’t throw away your receipts as you might be invited to take their feedback survey. The feedback you provide us definitely help to improve their services and customer satisfaction.

Sobeys is the second largest food retailer in Canada, serving dishes since 1907. It is situated in Nova Scotia. The original business was meat delivery. By 1924, the business has enlarged and included groceries. “Better Food For All” is their slogan and they are trying to match up to it ever since.

Take Official Sobeys® Survey ― Win $1,000:

Just like any other traditional grocery store, Sobeys has everything you can look for in a supermarket. It sells multiple items like grocery, meat, cheese, seafood, deli, bakery and other produce including local and organic items. Sobeys has its own brand by the name Compliments. It has served as a national brand alternative since 2005. This line of brand sells bakery products, meats, seafood, breakfast, beverages, snacks and other personal care items.

Sobeys believe that good food is not a luxury but your right. So, they target providing you with good food at a very affordable price. Sobeys survey is actually an online survey which they have recently implemented to improvise the standard and quality of their products as well as services. So the customer feedback is important for the progress of the company.

1. The person who wins sweepstakes will win a prize of $1000 Sobey’s gift card.

2. There is no condition attached to your purchase.

3. In order to join this survey, the only thing you need is a computer or smartphone with a good internet connection.

4. It will just take a few minutes to complete the survey.

5. There are many ways of entering this customer satisfaction survey.

Steps To take My Sobeys Survey:

1. Go to the survey page by clicking on the given link.

2. The next thing they will ask you to do is select your language preference. There are only two options, English and French.

3. They will provide you with an explanation of how whatever information you provide will be used. If you agree on the terms and conditions, click on the Next button.

4. Then you will be on the Welcome Page. You need to type the access code provided in the receipt to enter the survey. Once you do that you can start the survey.

5. Provide the information like date and time of your last visit to Sobeys. They will be mentioned in your receipt. Also, write the location of the store.

6. You need to talk about your experience in the store.

7. Give a thorough evaluation by rating the products, prices, services, arrangements etc. according to your experience.

8. You can even write down your suggestions, compliments, recommendations and complaints.

9. Talk about the sections you have explored and the products you have purchased.

10. Mention the number of visits to your nearest Sobeys stores.

11. Provide your present contact details which will help them contact you if you win the prize.