How do I stop WhatsApp from Sharing Your Phone Number with Facebook?

As the Internet is reaching every nook and corner of the world, the number of users is growing up day by day. Moreover, the cheap Internet is another significant reason which the Internet is accessible to everyone these days. People are now accessing social mediaapplications like Facebook, WhatsApp more often.With growing awareness, people have started restricting themselves from any personal information over social media. However, do you know that Facebook can access the mobile number you use to make an account on WhatsApp?

How do I stop WhatsApp from Sharing Your Phone Number with Facebook?

I am sure most of us do not know that the mobile number we use to access WhatsApp can be accessed by its parent company Facebook. While we can make sure we are not sharing our phone number over the Internet, but what about WhatsApp, which can access your phone number and share it with Facebook. There was a massive controversy over Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data theft controversy a short while ago. It raised concern about whether companies misuse our data and especially the phone number, which is linked with many other accounts. The users who were unaware of earlier are becoming vigilant now.


Why should you consider denying WhatsApp to share your  information with Facebook?


Many of us may not know that WhatsApp has been taken over by Facebook, and the new owner is changing its privacy policy. Facebook is an open forum, and many a time, we cannot control what we want to see on our timeline as many pages come automatically on your news feed. An assurance can be given that nobody wants to share any personal information on Facebook.


WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, now has come under the scanner for allegedly sharing the information, especially the phone number of users with Facebook. WhatsApp said in response said that it collects “Very little data” of the users, and “Every message is end-to-end encrypted.”


WhatsApp also said that the shared information is to improve Facebook ads and product experiences. Imagine how you will feel if your private conversation on WhatsApp is updated on your Facebook account. It will be embarrassing. Even though WhatsApp has said, ‘very little data,’ however, you don’t know what very little means to them.



How do I stop WhatsApp from Sharing Your Phone Number with Facebook?



Most of the WhatsApp chats are very personal and you don’t want that to be on a public platform like Facebook. If you are worried now and thinking about how to stop WhatsApp from sharing your information with Facebook, then there is good news for you. There are a couple of ways the users can choose not to share the information on the account with Facebook.


Option 1


Restrict WhatsApp from sharing information with Facebook while you install:When you download and install any application on your phone, most of the time, you do not pay heed to read the terms and conditions. You agree to those terms hurriedly and install the applications. The same goes for WhatsApp as well.


When you install WhatsApp, it will ask you to ‘Agree’ to accept the updated terms and conditions and the privacy policy. But before you do that, you should tapon ‘read more.’ After you do that, you will see an uncheck option at the bottom of the screen.Uncheck that option if you do not wish to share your account information with Facebook.


Option 2


Change the sharing option after you install: This option is for those users who have previously installed WhatsApp and agreed to the terms and conditions already; however, they want to change it now. Here are step-by-step instructions to change the ‘sharing data’ option.


  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on three vertical dots at the top-right corner on the screen of your phone.


  • Select Settings from the menu.


  • Then tap on the account.


  • At the bottom, you need to uncheck the checkbox near ‘Share my account info.’


  • It will show you a pop up asking for a confirmation that, if you tap on ‘DON’T SHARE,’ you won’t be able to change it in future. Tap on DON’T SHARE, and your job is done.


If you have accepted the new terms and conditions, then you will have 30 days only to repeal it.


Conclusion: In this digital age, it isn’t easy to protect your personal information, especially if you are active in social media. Most of the applications you use always ask to link your phone number and email address. You may be aware of these things and don’t update your phone number or any other information, but if an application like WhatsApp shares your information with Facebook, then all your effort will go in vain. However, the relief is that WhatsApp is giving you the option to deny permission.


We have discussed how you can stop WhatsApp to share your phone number with Facebook . We hope you find the information useful.


When we are talking about play store we are specifically referring to the Google play store. Play store or Google play store is hub of applications which is used to install apps on the android mobile phones or devices developed using android technology.


Play store or Google play stay store is specifically used to install apps for android devices. No other technology can use play store for downloading apps on the device. For eg. I store is specifically used to download apps for Apple’s devices i.e I phone etc.

What is Play store?

Play store refers to the android market which is used to distribute browse and download android technology based applications for the users of android devices. It is officially owned and operated by Google and serves as a digital media store.

As already mentioned that play store is a hub for all types of android applications. These applications are either available free of cost or at a cost. Most of the apps are free of cost and their basic version can be used lifetime for free. But as the needs grow there is premium subscription option available for the apps to use their advance options and features. A data reveals that Google play store had over 82 billion apps downloads in 2016 and the number of applications on it are more than this. So, one can imagine that how big data base of apps are available on play store for its customers.

The apps are numerous and for almost every purpose and use. There are apps for children, teenagers and even for old people. When such huge number of applications are available at one place it is bound to happen that there can be apps that fake and if not they are meant and developed for false and nasty purposes. Apart from it the apps can be duplicate and not the genuine one from the original developers irrespective of the fact that Google play store keeps a fake app detection policy and processes at place.

There is no doubt that each and every app that is being published and launched on the play store goes from a number of checks and fraud detection steps but there can be loop holes everywhere.

So, today in this article you will explore the steps and ways to identify fake apps in the play store.

Whenever a person purchases a new phone or tablet the first thing everyone does it to install apps that are useful for a particular individual. Many media and gaming apps are also downloaded. So, at that time one must be cautious enough that the apps that are being downloaded should be from a genuine developer and it does not cause any harm to the device and the data and privacy of the individual.

Therefore to protect oneself from fake apps you should follow the below mentioned steps to identify that whether the app is a fake one or not:

  1. The very first step that one should take is to research thoroughly about the developer of the app. An original app has a developer name mentioned in the play store. It could be an individual developer or an organization. To identify whether the developer is genuine one or not research about it on internet. Check whether a proper website is maintained and there are ways to contact the developer if something goes wrong with the app.
  2. Another precaution that can be taken is that you should install only those apps that are most useful. Apps that is not so useful for general public at large have more chances of being fake and more prone to frauds. Before installing the app you should see that how many downloads of the app are there till date. This data is itself mentioned in the play store below the install option on the play store.
  3. The third way to check whether app is fake or not is to read the reviews and check the ratings of the app. There are reviews available on the play store for the app of the previous users. Apart from it there are ratings of the app. An app below 2.5 or 2 rating is not considered good. So, the user has to give a careful view to the reviews and ratings of the app.
  4. Another way to identify that the particular app is fake or not is to get vigilant while giving permissions to the app. It’s very common that most of us, almost 90% of people allow permissions to the newly installed app without giving a second thought to the permissions it is asking for. For eg. A mobile banking app asking for the gallery permission, or camera or videos. This type of permission for a banking app is useless. This thing should click in your mind and one should be logical and apply reasoning before giving permission to access the app for features it is asking for.
  5. Last but not the least. To get away from the fake apps one should never install app that are previously available as an inbuilt feature of the device. What it means? It means that many of us get trapped into the fake advertisements and fancy show case of the apps such as cameras, flashlights or keyboard enhancements etc. Never install them again and again if it already available as the inbuilt default app in your device. Because many of the apps are fake and developed to steal data and photographs from the device.


So, we have provided a number of ways to remain away and aware of the installation and use of fake apps from play store. Be cautious while installing any new application from the play store. Always research for the developer, read the reviews, look for the ratings and most important install only those apps that useful. Do not indulge and get fascinated by the show off of the fancy features of the apps. Keep your device updated with the preinstalled apps only and do not download the duplicate apps as advised in the article. Stay alert for the permissions to be granted for the apps and save your device and data from fake apps.

How to remove virus from your Pendrive

VIRUS!! The name itself sounds terrific. It is something which does the same work, whether present in any organism or your PC, or for that matter, even your pen drive.

How to remove virus from your Pendrive

The virus in technological terms is an ailment that can self- replicate and corrupt the files in your computer or pen drive without you knowing it. Talking more technically, it is software created by some ‘bad guys’ to disrupt your records or to even extract information. But, don’t be scared because all viruses are not dangerous.

When we talk about viruses in your pen drive, there are a lot of types such as Rubber Ducky, Evilduino, Hidden Partition Patch, CVE-2010-2568, USB Killer, etc., but the most common ones which are very frequent are the two- The Shortcut Virus and The Autorun Virus. As you go along with me through the article, you will come to know about these two types of viruses and how to remove a virus from your pen drive.

  • The Shortcut Virus-

In simple terms, this virus is very mischievous. What it does is, first, it hides all the folders in your pen drive, and then, it replaces them with the shortcuts that look alike. It’s a kind of Trojan virus with certain combinations. You don’t come to know that this has happened with the files, and once you click on it, it gets the chance to replicate and infect further files. The virus is difficult to remove because it boots up with the starting up of the operating system. That is, the virus refreshes whenever you switch on your PC.

  • The Autorun Virus-

This virus approaches your external devices. It gets written in your flash drive and spreads when you open your folders on explorer this is even more dangerous as it can infect the memory card of your device as well. This is also a malware virus infecting your PC or pen drive. You may be a little safe if you have an updated windows version, which does not allow the USB devices to open automatically.

The virus can get into your pen drive in various ways. Your computer may have acquired a virus from any source. Now that virus gets passed on to the USB device once you connect it to the computer. The pen drive may then spread it into other devices. Now, the question is as to how you will come to know whether your pen drive contains a virus or not? To do so, first, you need to insert the USB into the PC. Then, right-click on the icon, which shows USB connected. Click on the Scan virus option and then click the start button. A report will then be shown to you once your USB drive is scanned.

Steps to remove virus from your pen drive-

There are various steps to exclude viruses from the pen drive, such as anti-virus, cmd, etc.; If you don’t want a hectic step to remove viruses, you can install anti-virus and then proceed. To do that,

  • Install Anti-virus and activate the trial pack and update the product.
  • Once it’s done, Restart the PC in safe mode and run a complete scan.
  • Do not try a quick scan because it is not effective in scanning all the files. So, run a complete scan and wait until it removes all the viruses.
  • Use only one anti-malware application to be running at a time.
  • If it is not removed, contact the concerned anti-virus support, and they will do it for you. Don’t suspect and delete any files manually in the pen drive; it may affect your Operating system.

You can also remove the virus using a command prompt. To do that-

  • Open the operating system and click ‘Start.’ Search for the ‘command prompt window’ (cmd) and right-click. Now, select ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • In the same window, type USB’s letter and press Enter. Thinking as of how to know your USB’s letter? It’s simple. Open ‘My Computer’ and look at the letters next to the removable drive.
  • Now, type the codes as shown- attrib –h –r s /s /d<your USB drive letter>:\*.*
  • Now, your Shortcut files again convert to normal files. Delete unknown files from your storage after the command process completes.
  • Copy your USB data to your computer. Format USB storage. Then, re-copy the USB data back again.

In case if Autorun virus, you need to follow the same steps as mentioned before if you are using an anti-malware. That is, click ‘Start,’ go to my computer. Right-click on the USB drive and then click on ‘Scan for Virus.’ Once the virus is detected, follow the instructions mentioned and proceed.

The alternate method is to use a cmd again.

  • Open your operating system and click on ‘Start.’ The next steps are the same. Search for cmd, right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • Know your USB letter. Type as shown in the command prompt window – ‘attrib –r –h –s autorun.inf’ and press Enter. Next, type- ‘del autorun.inf’ and press Enter again.
  • Restart your computer.

Reformatting is the best option to get rid of the virus and get a clean pen drive. But, before you do that, remember to back up all the necessary files on the pen drive. After this, go through all the items on the pen drive and delete the unnecessary and unfamiliar folders.

Thus, you see that there are several ways to get rid of the virus from your pen drive but can be hectic sometimes. So, it’s better to prevent such situations and always keep a check. For this, keep your AV up to date. Always check for suspicious files and never run them. Never install free software available on the internet. Open all the browsers and reset all the browsers. Remove all the unwanted extensions from all the browsers and reset it.

So, it’s better to be alert about these situations. Prevention is better than cure, and you would never want to face such a situation risking all your valuable files and folders on your pen drive containing all your awesome memories and even professional content.

How do I automatically mute chrome tabs when the active tab plays audio?

In this digital age, you must have heard the term multitasking quite often. If you are working in the corporate sector, then you have to work on many things at the same time. There are times when you have to work online for hours, and you need to open multiple tabs on the browser. Even though there are so many web browsers available, but without an iota of doubt, Google Chrome is the most used browser that comes with loads of features.

How do I automatically mute chrome tabs when the active tab plays audio?

When we work on the Internet, we may have to open multiple tabs for checking our mail and looking at different websites. There are times when you open multiple tabs on Google Chrome, and these may start playing audio simultaneously. Some websites may display advertisements that automatically start playing audio or a video. It is annoying when you want to concentrate on one particular sound, but your attention is diverted because of multiple sounds playing at the same time. In such a situation, you have to mute each browser tab manually.

Moreover, isn’t it confusing when you have opened a few tabs, and there is another sound apart from your active tab? You don’t know the other tab that is playing audio apart from the active one. I am sure you won’t find it pleasant. You have to check each tab manually. You must be wondering if there is a smart way to mute other tabs when you are concentrating on one sound. If this is your situation, then I have good news for you. You can mute all other Chrome tabs apart from the active one without opening each tab and look for the source of the audio manually.

How to Mute Chrome Tabs Automatically When Active Tab Plays Audio?

Why work hard when you can get the same result with minimal effort by working smart? If you are wondering why I am saying this, then what I meant to say is that now you can automatically mute other chrome tabs without manually looking into each tab for the source of the sound. It is possible to add this feature to Google Chrome. There are two ways to mute other tabs: the first one is using Chrome Flag, and the second one is using the Smart Mute Chrome extension.

Mute Chrome Tabs using Chrome Flag

The following are the step by step instructions to enable mute chrome tabs automatically when the active tab plays audio using a Chrome flag.

  • Firstly, you need to open the Google Chrome Browser on your laptop or desktop computer.


  • After that, you need to type in Chrome://flags and press the ‘Enter’ button.


  • Then, look for the option ‘Audio Focus Enforcement’ under the flags. You need to enable this option here.


  • Then, type Media-session-service and enable the option.


  • Now, you need to restart Chrome. To do that, click on “Relaunch Now” button present at the bottom now.

Mute the Chrome tab using Smart Mute Chrome extension

You can add Smart Mute Chrome Extension to mute other tabs apart from the active one. To add the Smart Mute extension, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.



  • In the search box, type Smart Mute. You can see the Smart Mute Extension listed at the top.


  • Click on ‘Add to Chrome.’ Once it is added, your chrome browser will have the Smart Mute option feature.

Features of Automatic Mute of Chrome tabs

With the automatic mute of Chrome tabs, you can have control of your audio experience. This feature automatically mutes the audios on other tabs. It is useful in a situation when you are listening to music, and at the same time, you want to navigate to other tabs.

Difference between Chrome Flag and Smart Mute Extension

Though both the methods work in similar ways, there is a little difference between Chrome Flag and Smart Mute Extension. The Chrome Flag not only mutes the audios on other tabs but also pauses the audios. So, if you want to play audio on another tab, you can resume from where it stopped. On the other hand, the Smart Mute Extension only mutes the sound but can’t pause it. So, the audio will keep playing in the background.

So, if you are not bothered about the audios on other tabs, then you can use any one method. However, if you want to listen to the audios  the other tabs, then you need to use Chrome flag.

Final Words

Google Chrome is an excellent browser with many smart features. The automatic or smart mute is a great feature that makes Chrome one of the best browsers, especially to the people who are multitasking. We have discussed two ways to automatically mute Chrome tabs and highlighted the features and differences of both the methods. You can opt for any one of these options as per your need.