Indigo is the largest retail book store chain in Canada, established in 1996. The first store was opened in Burlington in 1997 in Ontario. It is known as Indigo Books Music. Though it was a simple store, it had the collection of a true emporium.

The shop has aimed to create experiences and tell stories and it still tries to complement the lives of its customers with lifestyle products, eBooks, books, gifts and toys at their 24/7 store as well as online services.

As the competition is growing, to secure a place in the market, customer satisfaction is a key ingredient. Client feedback will help the company strategize the business choices so that they can meet customers’ interests. So the best way to achieve client’s satisfaction is to conduct a survey. The purpose of the Indigo feedback survey is to directly connect the company with the clients. The feedback helps the management to determine the areas on which improvement is required to retain the clients. It also shows that Indigo is making effort to keep its long-term client and make them happy.

How To Take The Indigo Feedback Survey?

There are a few criteria which you need to fulfil to participate in the Indigo Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey.

1. You cannot take part in the survey if you do not have a computer or mobile with an internet connection.

2. You need to have a valid receipt that proves you have been to Indigo store along with a survey invitation.

3. You must be able to understand English and French.

4. They will check if you are a legal resident of Canada and above 18 years. If you fall under the mentioned criteria, you are eligible to win $500 Indigo gift card.

There are a few instructions given below which you need to carefully understand before taking up the survey.

1. Go to this given address.

2. Next, you need to choose the language you are comfortable with and click on the Next button.

3. Next, it will ask you to mention if you have made any purchase or ordered online.

4. You need to give every detail of the purchase like date of the purchase and time of the purchase. But that is not it, you will be asked to put in other information like store number and terminal number and the transaction number. You will find all this information from your Indigo receipt.

5. Mention your age in the space provided and then type the characters you see in the box and click the Submit button.

6. There will be a list of survey questions which need you to remember the experience you had in the latest visit to Indigo shop and answer accordingly.

7. When you are answering the questions be as honest and thorough as possible.

8. If you are looking to be a part of the contest, you need to provide your personal information like name, phone number, email address and residential address. If you are the lucky winner they will contact you and inform you.

9. Then you can submit your survey.