Sobeys is situated in Canada and it has come up with a new survey contest. So next time you go shopping at Sobeys don’t throw away your receipts as you might be invited to take their feedback survey. The feedback you provide us definitely help to improve their services and customer satisfaction.

Sobeys is the second largest food retailer in Canada, serving dishes since 1907. It is situated in Nova Scotia. The original business was meat delivery. By 1924, the business has enlarged and included groceries. “Better Food For All” is their slogan and they are trying to match up to it ever since.


Take Official Sobeys® Survey ― Win $1,000:

Just like any other traditional grocery store, Sobeys has everything you can look for in a supermarket. It sells multiple items like grocery, meat, cheese, seafood, deli, bakery and other produce including local and organic items. Sobeys has its own brand by the name Compliments. It has served as a national brand alternative since 2005. This line of brand sells bakery products, meats, seafood, breakfast, beverages, snacks and other personal care items.

Sobeys believe that good food is not a luxury but your right. So, they target providing you with good food at a very affordable price. Sobeys survey is actually an online survey which they have recently implemented to improvise the standard and quality of their products as well as services. So the customer feedback is important for the progress of the company.

1. The person who wins sweepstakes will win a prize of $1000 Sobey’s gift card.

2. There is no condition attached to your purchase.

3. In order to join this survey, the only thing you need is a computer or smartphone with a good internet connection.

4. It will just take a few minutes to complete the survey.

5. There are many ways of entering this customer satisfaction survey.

Steps To take My Sobeys Survey:

1. Go to the survey page by clicking on the given link.

2. The next thing they will ask you to do is select your language preference. There are only two options, English and French.

3. They will provide you with an explanation of how whatever information you provide will be used. If you agree on the terms and conditions, click on the Next button.

4. Then you will be on the Welcome Page. You need to type the access code provided in the receipt to enter the survey. Once you do that you can start the survey.

5. Provide the information like date and time of your last visit to Sobeys. They will be mentioned in your receipt. Also, write the location of the store.

6. You need to talk about your experience in the store.

7. Give a thorough evaluation by rating the products, prices, services, arrangements etc. according to your experience.

8. You can even write down your suggestions, compliments, recommendations and complaints.

9. Talk about the sections you have explored and the products you have purchased.

10. Mention the number of visits to your nearest Sobeys stores.

11. Provide your present contact details which will help them contact you if you win the prize.