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Tellsubway surveyConnecticut Subway is the first store in Bridgeport which has a huge growth with more than 44000 sandwich stores across the world. It is among the famous food chains dealing in fast and nutritious food items. Subways store make sure about the cleanliness at their store and also hold the social responsibility towards the society and its costumers.

Tellsubway is a survey conducted by the subway in order to know the real feedback of the customer and their experience on the store. In return of giving the feedback and participate in survey, the customers are provided with a free cookie for their support and cooperation.

Secret survey hack:

You will be glad to know that you can participate in this survey many times. Just remember to save the receipt for the code require entering in survey homepage.

Rules and eligibility for the subway survey:

  • Minimum age required to participate is 18 years.
  • Take the survey within 30 days of obtaining the receipt.
  • Must make a purchase at subway store and get the receipt code.
  • Make sure you have a good internet access.
  • You must know either English or Spanish to answer the questions.
  • One survey and one prize associate with it.
  • Terms and conditions of the survey.
  • Little bit knowledge regarding subway store.

So these are the above points which should be considered properly before taking the survey. If you are unable to meet any of the above requirements, then you can’t participate in subway survey.

How to enter into Tellsubway survey:

Subway survey requires some important steps to be followed for its successful completion. It will enable the store to render their services in a better way so that customer can have a memorable experience in the store. The process will not take more than five minutes with active internet availability. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit to the subway store and make any purchase from it.
  2. Save your receipt for future reference in the survey.
  3. Go to the official website within 30 days of obtaining receipt from the store.
  4. If you do not belong to the US country, then feel free to take survey using the Finland site, Malaysia site, or the UK site.
  5. In the survey homepage box, enter the restaurant number code on the upper right corner of your receipt.
  6. Now start survey which only requires a minute to complete.
  7. Once the survey is compete save it and write down the survey code.
  8. Take your survey code whenever you visit next time to subway store and get your free cookie.

It must also be kept in mind that your feedback should be highly confidential, voluntary and useful. You will be solely responsible for whatever content you are going too share and it should be lawful. You cannot write anything unethically that can violate the right of any person associated with it.

Tellsubway free cookie:

The process of taking the survey is very easy. Questions will be regarding the friendliness of staff, quality of food, and cleanliness of the store. Being a customer you should be very honest in replying those questions as it will help you to get better services in future. The subway will use this survey in improving their overall management and quality.

When the process of survey will get completed you’ll be asking for your email Id to send the coupon code. Now whenever you visit the subway store again you can ask the cashier to redeem your coupon and earn a free cookie as a reward. You cannot use this code in exchange for cash prize.

Contact the Tellsubway:

Contact no- 1-888-445-9239

Email- [email protected]

Address: 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami, Florida 33156.


So if you liked the subway experience of having a delicious meal with healthy topping, then go to the online survey page and review about the store honestly. Also, don’t forget to grab a cookie of your choice. Go for it.