Residents of Tokyo formed long-standing queues at supermarkets and shopping malls on Friday, in preparation for a weekend at home, after Tokyo’s governor announced that people of Tokyo must stay indoors for a while to overcome the widely spreading pandemic. The governor’s aim to avoid unessential, unnecessary outings till the 12th of April, and this weekend especially expected an enormous crowd in the markets for supplies of everything from basic needs to noodles from toiletries to fresh produce, irrespective of the warnings against the announcement.

Tokyo Governor says to stay indoors and battle against the pandemic.

“The government should stress more on the point where the convenience stores must be kept open, more strongly,” she told new services, adding to favor her point that the supplies should be kept up to 2 weeks prior in stock.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike claimed for an unpopulated environment while stressing more on her request to avoid public gatherings at the weekend. “I hereby announce that you can go to supermarkets to buy edibles or medications or go to hospitals,” she said in a city government meeting. She said, “I would like to request citizens of Tokyo for calm behavior.”

The increase in the spread of the disease this week, with 40 new victims on Friday, has carried Tokyo’s patients to 299.

While the figure is not so high for a capital city of nearly 14 million people, professionals have warned of a highly problematic circumstances of an “overshoot,” or explosive increase, since officials have not been able to trace all the contacts of more than half the newest victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tokyo has also requested people not to gather in parks for any kind of viewing of springtime cherry blossoms, which is their tradition and plans to shut down the entire city for two weeks.

Koike requested people to wait until next year to watch the cherry blossoms; he also said: “The cherry blossoms will bloom again next year.”

Tokyo government declared that all the parks of cherry blossoms would be shut down until further notice to avoid the public to gather and thus break the chain of the spread in coronavirus pandemic.

The governor of Japan’s Osaka prefecture, Hirofumi Yoshimura, asked residents on Friday to stay at home quarantine and self-isolate themselves from making unessential outings this weekend, Kyodo news reported, joining Tokyo.

Japan’s virus pandemics have climbed to more than 1,400, with 47 deaths, excluding those from a cruise ship quarantined last month. Globally, infections have topped half a million, with more than 24,000 deaths.

Japan does not yet declared a state of emergency. However, Abe said, if the spread-chain continues, then he could prompt a 21-day lockdown of regions with numerous infections.

Meanwhile, Tokyo is a crowded pace where people touch elbow-to-elbow in public transports. Thus this becomes one of the expected usual ways to spread the virus pandemic among the entire population of Tokyo.

A truck driver said he had worked 12- to 13-hour shifts each day for the past month, delivering toilet paper and tissue to drug stores, compared to five-day weeks of 9 to 10-hour shifts before the hoarding began.

“It’s been tough,” he told Reuters, declining to give his name. “This job involves a lot of lifting, so I don’t know how long my body can last at this pace.”

Others worried about losing work as economic activity slows.